Today a joint review of a new client portal for Heart to Heart International (HHI) was completed with very positive results. The new portal, jointly designed and built by Orange Horse and HHI, will give all of HHI’s current and newly applying partners a robust on-line resource to complete applications to receive free medications, review and research medicines and medical supplies, place on-line orders, track shipping progress, review history, and more.
The application process for a clinic or agency to apply to receive pharmaceuticals and medical supplies can be quite complex, especially when international shipping and regulations come into play. The new portal automates this process by easily prompting the applicant through the process. Then, once an HHI representative reviews and approves the application, the new clinic or agency can then login and review and order products at any time. The portal manages regulation of products, such as allowed states and countries products may be shipped, product limitations, manufacturer shipping regulations, and FDA regulations.
The portal connects in real-time to HHI’s Oracle based warehouse management system, HELM. The portal site, built with Portessa™ Portal Builder, accesses data using secure API calls to the Data Engine, which is installed in a separate data center, behind a firewall.
The use of Portessa™ Portal Builder in WordPress allows the website management staff at HHI to easily make front end content and design changes using the WordPress interface they are already familiar with.  The project, scheduled to go live on January 1, 2018 is ahead of schedule and exceeding expectations.

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