The team at OHT is pleased to announce that the public beta release of Portessa™ Portal Builder 2018 (and the back end component Data Engine) are now available. Portessa™ Portal Builder 2018 includes many new features. Among these are the addition of three entirely new tools: Lookup Designer, Function Builder, and Procedure Definer. Along with these new additions, all existing tools in Portessa™ Portal Builder have had significant improvements for the 2018 version. A number of facilities are successfully running on 2018 beta at this time. The production release of Portessa™ Portal Builder 2018 is on track for a January 1st, 2018 launch. No significant changes are anticipated from the current beta release to the 2018 production release. If you are new to the Portessa™ Portal Builder product line, joining the beta program is an excellent opportunity to obtain software and services at reduced or no cost, and also to receive enhanced support services free of charge. Call today and speak with an OHT engineer to see if Portessa™ Portal Builder is appropriate for your web development project.

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