Secure RESTful Data Engine and API

The back end component of the Portessa™ Portal Builder is our Secure Data Engine API. This Java based application runs in an independent location and serves as the engine that services secure HTTPS REST formatted requests from the Portessa™ Portal Builder (or your custom code). This engine processes the requests and communicates with any JDBC compatible database (such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others) to select, insert, update, or delete data. The engine also has API functions to call stored procedures or other database objects in your host system to perform various tasks.


Data Engine

Web Service

Under the hood of the Portessa™ Portal Builder is our powerful RESTful Data Engine API. This Data Engine provides a secure and reliable connection to your data in a number of ways. First, the Data Engine provides separation between your website and your database. All data requests from the website are sent as encrypted HTTPS requests to the Data Engine. Your website has no direct connection to the database. The second area of security lays within the controlled access to the database, which is configured in the Data Engine, not the website.

The RESTful Data Engine API is installed independently of your WordPress website. The Data Engine can reside on a different server from the website, and from the database(s) it is working with. This allows for a variety of firewall and DMZ options to further clamp down on data security. The Data Engine can maintain multiple connections to multiple databases of different types simultaneously.

For the administrator, the Data Engine configuration is a control gateway to database and object access. Access to tables, view, procedures, and other objects is granted in the Data Engine configuration. The front end designer using the tools in WordPress only see the objects you give permission to. The website itself has no direct access or login to your database.


Date Engine API

  • Authentication
    • SELECT
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE
  • Stored Procedure Call Interface
  • Portessa™ Portal Builder Task API Calls
    • POST
    • GET

For The Developer

Our custom API can be accessed from a variety of platforms including PHP using REST or SOAP access methods.

The system fully supports Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 , and other JDBC compatible databases, making data integration convenient and simple.