Development Platform Overview


The Portessa™ Portal Builder development platform gives you the power to combine the easy, popular, and flexible WordPress website platform with secure, enterprise level data integration. Portessa™ Portal Builder allows you to build portals and websites that integrate data from most back end databases and systems.

Portessa™ Portal builder is made up of two complimentary applications. The “Front End” application is a collection of design tools that gives the ability to place forms, lists, and other data elements into web pages. These design tools, collectively called Portessa™ Portal Builder, are easily installed as a WordPress plugin.

The “Back End” application is a secure web service which translates requests for data from the front end website into database transactions on your database server. This web service and its associated administration system is called the RESTful Data Engine.

These two components work together to address two distinct and important halves of the equation to provide a reliable and secure portal or integrated website. The configuration and security of the back end RESTful Data Engine allows your administrator to grant controlled access to data, functions, and procedures in your host systems. The front end designer can then choose to embed any of these approved data elements into forms and web pages with the ease and simplicity of WordPress.

Enterprise Security

A development platform with a robust security firewall and role-based access control at every level. Back end data access is through secure REST or SOAP API calls.

Versatile Data Storage

The Data Engine supports simultaneous connections and threads to multiple databases and multiple instances. All popular databases are supported, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2/DB400, PostgreSQL and others.

WordPress Compatible

The most widely used CMS, 59.5% of CMS managed web sites and 25% of all websites.


Interactive data forms, lists, free form embedded data, data dependent display logic, custom functions, security administration and more can all be created through easy to use point and click tools and zero code writing.


With secure data API connectivity to the worlds most popular and trusted databases combined with advanced SQL query, procedure, reporting, and other DML capabilities, the capabilities of the platform are almost unlimited.


Both the front end website and the back end data engine components of the platform can be easily scaled from a simple single site to a multi-site, multi-hosted site with multiple integrated and load balanced database data engine services to serve the most demanding need.